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Volume 6

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Welcome to the volume 6 of the Math-U-See newsletter!

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Steve Demme

Teaching Tip

Memorial Day is a time to remember those individuals who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Freedom to worship and freedom to educate our children in the manner and place that we deem best.  As we recall those devoted men and women we also honor their memory and their sacrifice.

Remembering is a necessary exercise in this pressure packed age of living in the moment.  It helps us to get our bearings and refocus on what is important and how we got to where we are. 

In this newsletter I would like to encourage each of you to remember why you are home schooling and what were the factors that led you to teach your children at home.  It is easy to forget our early convictions and we need to pause and reflect on our initial vision and purpose.

While there are many motivations for home education, here are a few that be common to most of us.

  •   The dream that your students would enjoy learning and see how it is applied to the world around them.

    These are worthy ambitions and I hope they are coming to fruition in your family.

    May I tie this in with math?  We at Mathusee share your hopes.  We want YOU and your students to understand math, see how it applies in the real world, have the tools to do word problems, and have an enjoyable time doing so.

    Some say our approach is different, radical, and even unique.  We think it just makes sense.  Teaching students with hands on materials, presenting topics in bite sized chunks, progressing from lesson to lesson after mastery has been demonstrated, and placing students at the appropriate skill level should be the norm.  This is not a different approach, it is the golden rule approach.  Teaching as you would like to be taught yourself.

    And for all of you who have chosen this path for your family, I would like to honor you.  On this day when we are honoring soldiers for their sacrifice, I honor you for making sacrifices in your personal life for the sake of your family.  I honor you for having the courage to buck the "education trends" and teach your children in a way that suits them.  I honor you for not bowing to the peer pressure among other well meaning parents to go by "grade level" and not by skill level. I honor you for teaching your children with a curriculum, and not teaching a curriculum to your children.  

    You are my heroes. 

    And may I add my own convictions?  While math is a part of our homeschool experience, it is only a part.  Ultimately we are training our children to live forever with Jesus.

    May God bless each of you this Memorial Day and give you fresh vision for what you are about, and the courage to follow through on your convictions. 

    Steve Demme

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    Thanks and have fun teaching math!

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    Practical Homeschooling Reader Award Old Schoolhouse EE Award Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks
    Just a note of thanks! We brought our 10 year old daughter home from private school last year. Her school taught 'touch' math, and we discovered she was counting instead of adding. In light of that knowledge, we started with Alpha, as we wanted her to begin again with addition facts. What a difference in attitude towards Math, and in understanding overall! Our daughter went from listing Math as her least favorite subject to liking Math because she now understands and can apply what she knows. When she tested with WJIII, her results were what we expected with the timed tests, as we do not do timed drills at home. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the application score, as it was a whole score (year) above everything else. Thanks again for making such a wonderful program, and helping alleviate the fears of 'starting over.' It is so worth the journey as now our daughter can actually apply what she knows, and doesn't rely on counting to get her through a tough problem. She is now in the middle of Beta, and we should be in Gamma before summer 2007, so the fears of being way behind were just ungrounded.

    Math U See