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Volume 4

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Welcome to volume 4 of the Math-U-See newsletter!

It is our continued hope that the information we share with you will enhance and complement your teaching experience. And if you would like to read past newsletters visit our newsletter archives page.


Steve Demme

Teaching Tip
Most of my joy as a teacher came not when I received a paycheck, but when I saw the light go on in a student's eye.  I know that most of the parents and teachers that I have met have the same joy when a child "understands" what is being taught.  As important as it is to memorize facts and formulas, it is even more important that a student understand the concepts of math.

In order to teach a concept you should understand it yourself.  That is where the DVD and Teacher Manual come in.  Many, many parents (and professional teachers) tell me that as they watch the instruction DVD, they comprehend math for the first time.

Some children will also have the light go on while watching the DVD along with the teacher.  But most math students do not get a good grasp of the new concepts until they have worked several problems with the manipulatives.  Children are concrete learners, and their brains need to work through a problem using their hands, their eyes, and their ears.  Some kids get it after 1 or 2 examples.  Others need to do several exercises a day for a few days until they have the divine,


And then there are students who won't get it until they have mastered the formula first, and then gone back and worked a few problems with the blocks.

Others may need to both build and talk their way through an equation.

Regardless of how your students learn,give them time and the opportunity to work with a new concept until the light of understanding dawns. Then give them all the practice they need until the new concept is internalized and mastered.

Now you know why this program is called Math-U-See!  It's a pun!  It means "Math-You-Understand!" Many of us don't understand or "See" math in our minds, until we can "See" math with our eyes!

So, why is understanding math concepts important? The goal of math instruction should be the ability to apply math in everyday applications, or word problems. The lack of understanding is what makes problem-solving difficult.

Understanding concepts  +  mastery of facts and formulas  =  an effective and efficient problem solver.

Have Fun,

Steve Demme

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Steve just got back from trip to Singapore and the Philippines where he talked to families about homeschooling, family life and math. Ironically homeschoolers in Singapore use Math-U-See  :-)

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From our Washington reps comes this tasty treat.
Serves as 1 math lesson and a whole lot of fun.

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Practical Homeschooling Reader Award Old Schoolhouse EE Award Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks
As a homeschooling mom and former math teacher, I am often asked what math curriculum I recommend. I used to suggest Saxon, but with much reservation because it is SO repetitive and boring for most kids. I taught from it for 3 years and also got to be part of a pilot program for it when I did my student teaching. Now I recommend Math·U·See. I love the hands-on approach, especially in the algebra books. I am currently working with a student in Algebra 2 using Math·U·See, and it is so easy to teach. My second grader enjoys his books, too. Thank you for a great product that gives review and explains things so the kids can understand it. Steve Demme is truly a gifted man!

Math U See