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Volume 3

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Welcome to the volume 3 of the Math-U-See newsletter!

It is our continued hope that the information we share with you will enhance and complement your teaching experience.


Steve Demme

Teaching Tip
Dear Math-U-See Friends,

      I hope you won't mind a quick review.  In the first newsletter, we learned about the importance of beginning to teach a student based on what they know.  In the next installment, we discovered how important it is to move from lesson to lesson only after the child had demonstrated mastery of the subject material.  Today, I would like to begin with a story about a "saw."

       There was a good old boy who came down from the mountains because he heard there was a contraption that would enable him to cut a cord of wood in a day.  He located the hardware store and bought a brand-new chain saw.  He headed back to the woods with his new-fangled purchase and high hopes.  The next Saturday, he showed up at the hardware store with the chain saw and a frown. He complained to the man behind the counter that he had been working from Can't-See-to-Can't-See for a week, and he still hadn't been able to cut a cord of wood!  He demanded his money back because the chain saw just didn't work.  

    The salesman took the machine and put it on his work bench to see if everything was working properly.  After thoroughly looking it over, he declared everything was in order.  But the good ol' boy still wasn't convinced!  So the salesman took the man and his chain saw out back to give him a demonstration.  As soon as he pulled the chord and the chain saw began to roar, the surprised customer jumped back and said, "What's that noise?"

    Occasionally, we get customers who tell us that Math-U-See just doesn't work.  Recently, I spent an evening with a family who had a student struggling with Pre-Algebra.  After just a few minutes, I found out the teen wasn't watching the DVD.   I discovered the Algebra Inserts were not being used.  In looking over the student's book, I found dates written on each of the pages.  The student was being assigned a page per day regardless of how well he was learning the material.  No wonder he was not experiencing success -  his family didn't understand how to use the program correctly!

    Math-U-See employs a different approach than most mathematics programs.  If you use Math-U-See as it is intended to be used, I believe you will join the thousands of satisfied families who are finally understanding math!  

    There are a few essential components of Math-U-See. First, acquire a knowledge of the new material by reading the Teacher Manual and watching the DVD.  BOTH the Teacher Manual and DVD are necessary. Then, use the appropriate manipulatives to illustrate the new material. While the student is studying the new topic, spend as much time as necessary in the practice pages and with the blocks or other manipulatives, until the student is familiar with the new material.   Finally, begin working through the systematic review pages.

        When you successfully utilize all of these components you will experience Math-You-See and Math-You-Understand!  If you don't, your encounter may turn out to be Math-You-Almost-"Saw."

Have a blessed New Year,

Steve Demme

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Thanks so much for developing your Math·U·See curriculum. When we pulled our autistic daughter out of public school 3 years ago, she was failing 4th grade, and we were told that she was so learning impaired in math that she would never learn enough to even balance her own check book. We are almost through the Pre Algebra book!!!! She has expressed a very keen interest in attending Wake Forest University for college and wants to become a Maritime Archaeologist. She no longer believes that she is the "stupidest kid on the planet." Thanks to Math·U·See her confidence level in her academic ability has shot through the roof. May God continue to bless you in your unique ministry. By the way I flunked Algebra in college, but I think I finally understand it enough now to help our daughter master it. Thank you.
Cindy Williams-Stokesdale

Math U See