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Volume 10

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Welcome to the volume 10 of the Math-U-See newsletter!

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Teaching Tip

Mastery - Why and What

Mastery - Why

The question keeps coming up - how do you define mastery? Equally important to our consideration is Why aim for mastery? Math is sequential in that it builds upon previously-studied material. But when I teach a student, I only want them to be focusing on one new idea at a time.

Mastery - What

Blog Highlights

Math-U-See Happy Dance

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Eat Your Homeschool

Want to learn a neat trick, teach math with snack. Shared from Gold Acorn Homeschool. [read full post]

You Will Survive

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Using Math-U-See for Special Needs Learners

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine asked their readers to share how they taught special needs learners. [read full post]

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Thanks and have fun teaching math!


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Practical Homeschooling Reader Award Old Schoolhouse EE Award Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks
I wanted to take an opportunity to share with you how Math U See has changed our homeschooling. My oldest son is in grade five. For a couple of years I have seen math becoming harder and harder (we were using a different curriculum). I could see his eyes glass over and he would just sit and stare at his math work. Last year was the hardest. He could do the math problems with great effort, but I never felt like he knew what he was doing. He would just memorize what to do, but often times get the answer wrong because he got a little mixed up in the process. This year we started Math U See. I kid you not when on the first day my oldest sat there and started whooping and hollering, saying, "I get it! I finally get it! I understand now". I have never had to ask him once this year to complete his math. He loves it. Actually, everyone loves it in our home! I tell everyone person I can about how great this math program is. I'm even understanding why we do things that I never understood before. Thanks for making this so easy (and practical)!!
Christianne Hathaway
Metro Boston
Christianne Hathaway

Math U See