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How to Use the Investment Calculator
  • To use this calculator, choose either a one-time beginning balance, or a periodic contribution, and enter the appropriate amount, as well as the interest rate. (Don't use commas, dollar signs or percent signs.) In the field labeled "Compounding", enter the number of times per year the interest is compounded. For example, enter 12 for monthly compounding. If the interest is compounded continuously, put a check in the box labeled "Continuous". Enter the number of years that the investment will be held, and click the button labeled "Compute Value".
  • To create a table showing periodic growth of the investment, click the button labeled "Create Table". Please note that the answer at the bottom of the table may be different from the one on this page, because of repeated rounding necessary to make the table. The final answer on this page will be more accurate. Also, you will not be able to make a table if the interest compounds continuously, since there would have to be an infinite number of rows in the table!
Investment Calculator
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As a homeschooling mom and former math teacher, I am often asked what math curriculum I recommend. I used to suggest Saxon, but with much reservation because it is SO repetitive and boring for most kids. I taught from it for 3 years and also got to be part of a pilot program for it when I did my student teaching. Now I recommend Math·U·See. I love the hands-on approach, especially in the algebra books. I am currently working with a student in Algebra 2 using Math·U·See, and it is so easy to teach. My second grader enjoys his books, too. Thank you for a great product that gives review and explains things so the kids can understand it. Steve Demme is truly a gifted man!

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