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Humble Beginnings

Math-U-See began with a request from a small homeschool coop in Hamilton, Massachusetts. In 1989, the coop approached Steve Demme and asked him to coordinate and teach a math program. Steve agreed and began teaching the children one day per week, creating worksheets for practicing math skills on the other four days.

Steve's math program was a success. After just one semester, some of the parents expressed an interest in purchasing his math book. So, in 1990, after a visit to a local copy store and the purchase of a GBC binder, the very first Math-U-See books were born.

Soon Steve saw a new need. He felt that showing parents how to use the new worksheet books would help them to have more success with teaching their children, but he couldn't train each parent individually. He decided to write an instruction manual and create videos of himself teaching small groups of children. Through this instruction manual and his videos, Steve began to train parents to build confident problems solvers at home.

Steve's approach to teaching math proved effective, and word about the new homeschool math curriculum, Math-U-See, spread. The rest, as we say, is history.

Meet Steve Demme

Steve and Sandra Demme have been married for more than 29 years. Their union has been blessed with four sons: Isaac, 28; Ethan, 26; Joseph, 23; and Johnny, 21. With God's help, each of the Demme boys enjoyed a home education.

In addition to developing the Math-U-See books and learning tools, Steve speaks at homeschool conferences, addressing a variety of topics in the hopes of encouraging parents in their God-given responsibilities to raise and train their children for His glory. Steve's desire is to understand God's word and practice it, beginning at home.

As a former math teacher, Steve taught math at all levels in public, private, and Christian schools, receiving the teacher of the year award in 1982. He also taught his own children, one with special needs, providing tutoring services as well. Steve credits many of his unique math approaches to his time spent tutoring, as he often had to invent creative ways of teaching math in one-on-one situations and to children with varied learning styles and needs. His math program has helped parents and children around the world.

Video - "The History of Math-U-See"

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I just wanted to share this little tidbit. My 7 year old son started using Alpha last year. Mid year we stopped MUS and tried ******. Upon recently asking him which curriculum he would like to use, he said, "Well, if I actually want to learn and understand math, it would be the DVD man (MUS), but if I wanted all the cool colors and pictures it would be the one we are doing now(******). We are now ordering Beta!

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