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Single and multiple-digit division and other topics

  • Building a Rectangle
  • Solve for an Unknown
  • Divide by 1 and 2
  • Symbols: "÷", "/"
  • Divide by 10
  • Symbol of Half Rectangle
  • Divide by 5, by 3
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
  • Divide by 9
  • Finding Area of a Parallelogram
  • Divide by 6
  • Finding Area of a Triangle
  • Divide by 4
  • Average
  • Divide by 7 and 8
  • Finding Area of a Trapezoid
  • Place Value Notation
  • Place Value: Thousands and Millions
  • Place Value: Billions and Trillions
  • Expanded Notation
  • Divide: One Digit with Remainders
  • Upside Down Multiplication
  • Divide: Two Digit by One Digit
  • Divide: Three Digit by One Digit
  • Divide: Three Digit by One Digit
  • Fractional Remainders
  • Rounding and Estimation
  • Divide: Three Digit by Two Digit
  • Divide: Four Digit by One Digit
  • Divide: Four Digit by Two Digit
  • Divide: Multiple Digit by Multiple Digit
  • Volume of a Rectangular Solid
  • Fraction of a Number
  • Roman Numerals: I, V, X, L, C
  • Fraction of 1
  • Roman Numerals: D, M, Multiples of 1000
Necessary Materials
 Delta Instruction Pack 

Delta Instruction Pack


 Delta Student Kit 

Delta Student Kit


 Integer Block Set 

Integer Block Set


Additional Resources
Skip Count and Addition Songs

Skip Count and Addition Songs

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Delta Demonstraction Video
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Scope and Sequence   Scope and Sequence
A walkthrough of the lessons and topics covered in this curriculum.
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Placement Testing   Placement Testing
The competency exams were created for the benefit of the teacher and the student, to determine what level of mathematics the student has mastered so they will know in which book to begin.
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Practical Homeschooling Reader Award Old Schoolhouse EE Award Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks
Thank you for sharing your work with us. My daughter has gone from tears to triumph with the Math·U·See curriculum. She just finished Delta with a 98% test average. After 20 years of homeschooling 5 children before her, I was at a loss when she started seeing "math" as a four letter word. Well, that is cured thanks to the Gamma and Delta books. While she is now 12, turning 13 soon, she is energized to push forward. This school year she whizzed through those two books and when we resume our school year in January she has pledged to do Epsilon and Zeta in one year. Her turn-around is spectacular. Thanks.

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